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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dispose of Sanni Bin in General Waste?

The Guidance from the Dept of Health is very clear, sanitary waste is “offensive” waste.

The UK Dept of Health and the HSE states that it is perfectly acceptable to place low volumes of offensive waste (less than 7kg per collection) into the general waste.

Sanitary waste is light – the average weight of sanitary bin collected is approx 300g. Therefore, organisations producing under 7kg per black bin collection can simply use Sanni Bin disposable sanitary bins.

Sanitary Bin contracts are big business , up to now service contractors articulate the view that this type of waste requires specialist collection and handling – however, this is clearly not the case, and opens up an opportunity for organisations to take direct control of their sanitary waste disposal.

Disposing of Sanni Bin?

Disposing of Sanni Bin and their contents is straightforward and simple

UK – Conforms to guidance on the website which states the same as the DOH 2013 Memorandum on Offensive Waste 4.143, page 44

IRL – Conforms to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Waste Classification List of Waste & Determining if waste is hazardous or non-hazardous (applicable from 5th July 2018)

How Much is 7KG of Offensive Waste?

Assuming a weekly black bin collection:

To exceed 7kg of offensive waste you need to have more than 200 x female staff on site.

For the majority of organisations – they are not exceeding these volumes

Will Cleaning Staff Object to dealing with Sanni Bin?

Sanni Bins are very convenient for cleaning staff

Contents are hidden from view due to the specially designed Modesty Flap

Once Sanni Bin is full – simply dispose of in the general waste. Sanni Bin is designed with 2 x handles for easy lift.

Sanni Bin has in-built Antimicrobial Coating to ensure the highest hygiene standards. Our polymer coating has been verified by independent lab testing to be 99.99% antimicrobial protected.

In fact – Sanni Bin is safer to touch than most toilet handles, door handles etc.

How Long can Sanni Bin be left in Situ?

It is perfectly hygienic to leave Sanni Bin in situ for several months or until full.

What if Sanni Bin gets wet as we wash floors frequently?

Sanni Bin contains a moisture resistant coating both inside and out, therefore washing floors is not a problem

How Heavy is a full Sanni Bin?

It is approximately 1KG when at capacity

How Many Bins will be Required?

When we provide estimates to our customers, we will work it out this way:

How many cubicles require bins?

What type of organisation are you?

So then, as an example with a standard office environment requiring bins in 3 x cubicles changed 4 x times per year:

Total Requirement: 12 x bins

Environmentally Responsible:

Currently in the UK alone there are circa 2000 service vehicles traversing the roads daily producing in the region of 10,000 Tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Sanni Bin can contribute to a major reduction in requirements for service vehicles, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and congestion.

Sanni Bin eliminates the need for conventional PVC bins to be transported back to depots for energy-intensive cleaning off site with water and chemicals.